By forming strategic partnerships with industry innovators, HBL can assist with your eco-friendly, sustainable strategy by offering new solutions in packaging, papers, and plastics.


NPULP™ is a patented and proprietary process for converting straw into pulp for packaging/corrugate products. In China “wheat straw” is a waste produce, typically burned by farmers. The revolutionary NPULP process begins with the collection of the straw, and turns it into a useful material that allows farmers to earn more money, create environmentally-conscious jobs in the region, and helps our customers reduce their carbon footprint. The bio-pulp created can be used for corrugate cardboard packaging material, molded cushion packaging, conventional paper products. Customers using NPULP have saved over 17,000 trees, or “all the trees in Central Park”. NPULP provides an eco-friendly solution in the disposal of shippers and corrugate boxes.


Polylactic Acid (PLA), which is made from corn starch, is a new kind of bio-based and renewable biodegradable material. It has high strength, transparency, heat resistance, and plasticity. It is antibacterial and has anti-mildew qualities. PLA completes every aspect of the product life-cycle: renewable, compostable, recyclable, landfill,
litter – which leads to a significant reduction in environmental impact. It is 100% compostable, 100% recyclable, and can replace plastic items that currently damage the environment. PLA can be used to make almost any plastic product biodegradable including hangers, clips, buttons, straws, containers, etc.

HBL Can Help...

Meet eco-friendly objectives.  Deliver eco-friendly messaging in print, video, web, and other related marketing tools.  Complete package engineering services from concepts and construction, including die line creation, to graphic artwork.  HBL provides package testing and right size fitting, which will help improve the efficiencies of packaging and shippers and save costs.