HBL was established in 1999 yet has a foundation extending over 50 years rooted in apparel manufacturing. Our expertise in the apparel industry gives HBL unique insights into how we can best serve each client and meet their brand identification needs. Today, our HBL team consists of experienced professionals across a wide variety of expertise, including design, sourcing, manufacturing, and production. Over the past decade HBL has emerged as a worldwide leader in tag and label manufacturing with our experience, unparalleled customer service, and cutting-edge innovation.


Customer Care

Innovation & Design


Provide creative, competitively priced labels, tags, and trims to our customers with unsurpassed customer experience, highest quality, and consistent on-time delivery.
This is how we run our business every day and continually strive for excellence in all
that we do.

Brand Consistency


Competitive Pricing



We offer full creative design services to all our clients.  Our designers research market trends and work closely with our manufacturers to offer you the newest technology and freshest designs.  Our experienced team will partner with you throughout each step of the brand identification process and bring your brand vision to life.

Creative & Design

Package Design

Global Sourcing/ Manufacturing/ Distribution

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